Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 3 - March 2, 2014

Today was a rare day for us. It was about 68 degrees. For today's hunt we went to a local elementary school that allows people to metal detect. There I found a dime, a penny, and a button with Arizona Jean Co. written on it. I also found the top to a can, what looks to be a metal ruler, and a pop top. We only stayed about an hour as to the play ground and basket ball court were starting to fill up with people. From there we went to a neighbors yard. She had given us permission and boy did we have some fun. We were getting hits every foot. I found a bunch of change, an old hotel key, a 75th anniversary Mark Rypien legends medallion, parts to hot wheels cars, a metal link to possible a chain if some sort, bullet casing, and what looks to be part of the wrist band to a watch. We spent about 3 hours in her yard. I will edit later with a list of things my dad found.

At about 5:30 later that day we went in to get some dinner and in just a few mins the temp. dropped 15 degrees. The next day on March 3, 2014 we ended up with 3in of snow!

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