Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 4 - March 10, 2014

We had beautiful weather today so dad and I decided to go back to haven beach and do some metal detecting. We were there an hour and only had a penny to show for it. With not much luck finding relics or even pocket change we chose to look for sea glass instead. Sea glass, if you don't already know, is just pieces of glass or even whole bottles at times that have been smoothed down by the water and sand. When a piece is ready to be taken home the edges, if there are any, will be very smooth and the glass will be frosted over. We found many of those and even what we believe to be an indian game piece. We could be wrong but the object was not formed naturally to this shape. We plan to go out again tomorrow, without metal detectors, to look for arrowheads and fossils. Who knows maybe we will come across something big.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 3 - March 2, 2014

Today was a rare day for us. It was about 68 degrees. For today's hunt we went to a local elementary school that allows people to metal detect. There I found a dime, a penny, and a button with Arizona Jean Co. written on it. I also found the top to a can, what looks to be a metal ruler, and a pop top. We only stayed about an hour as to the play ground and basket ball court were starting to fill up with people. From there we went to a neighbors yard. She had given us permission and boy did we have some fun. We were getting hits every foot. I found a bunch of change, an old hotel key, a 75th anniversary Mark Rypien legends medallion, parts to hot wheels cars, a metal link to possible a chain if some sort, bullet casing, and what looks to be part of the wrist band to a watch. We spent about 3 hours in her yard. I will edit later with a list of things my dad found.

At about 5:30 later that day we went in to get some dinner and in just a few mins the temp. dropped 15 degrees. The next day on March 3, 2014 we ended up with 3in of snow!

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