Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 1 - February 16, 2014

So this is it. The start of something completely different. A couple weeks ago I made a decision. I bought my first ever metal detector. Picking which detector I would be using was not hard. Dad and I had been watching videos on YouTube, one person in particular being NuggetNoggin's channel. He is pretty young. Maybe around 20 or 21. Until this past week he has been using the Garrett AT Pro. His constant good reviews on it during his hunts really won me over. They say it is for someone more seasoned but it is simple for me.

So today dad and I took our metal detectors out to haven beach in Mathews. Not exactly the best day to try out our detectors for the first time. It was only 30 degrees out but the windchill made it seem like it was way colder. We didn't find much today. I found a penny which was so messed I can't get a date off of it but I can tell for sure that it was made after 1982. The zinc in the penny must not have liked the conditions it was exposed to. I also found a metal cap to something. Dad was empty handed.

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